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400V Slip Ring from Blue Linked


Blue Linked, a leading supplier of underwater technology, has released the Blue Linked Slip ring for use with topside power units.

Source: BlueLink_JC Distributors
March 9, 2021

From Blue Linked:

This is a drop-in replacement, high voltage (400V) slip ring for the Fathom Spools. The slip ring has (2) high voltage passes and (6) data passes (+4 more unused data passes). It requires no modifications and comes with the the appropriate hardware to easily mount to the spool in minutes.

Standard connectors are the 8-pin DIY wet-mate connectors made by Suburban Marine 19 which can be terminated to a tether/cable/deck-lead in 15 minutes or less. If you require a different connector, each end of the slip ring has 7/16th threads.

(Basic specifications are below the pictures.)

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