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The Baromax Underwater Connector series is the best solution for all underwater connectivity needs.



Today’s commercial ROVs are devised to handle a variety of projects. The Baromax line of connectors are designed to eliminate lead time and increase up time. Equipment can be standardized and customized at the point of need.



Underwater research and education programs are an important resource. Baromax can be configured rapidly at the point-of-need enabling support for multiple payloads and missions for the next generation of ocean innovators.



Modern underwater camera systems can have many control interfaces with a single connector series. The Baromax allows more interface flexibility by supporting high speed ethernet signals and low speed auxiliary signals.



The Baromax Underwater Connector series is a reliable and scalable tool that enables rapid and agile ocean innovation. Connectors can be changed between low speed, high speed, and power with one connector series.

The Baromax Underwater Connector

Build, Create, Explore

The smallest high power density underwater connector rated for continuous submersion up to 10,000psi.

Easy To Shop

Easily shop our underwater connector products with multiple variants to fit your needs.

Expect rapid lead times. Our connectors are in stock and ready to ship!

assemble yourself

Self-assembly allows for us to provide rapid shipping times.

Solder wire to pins, select between several backshell and bulkhead options, and backfill with epoxy.

Go Explore

Our mission is to provide the marine community with convenient access to subsea electrical connectors.

Get ready to explore!

In Stock

Reduce lead time


8-pin, 3-pin & more soon

Gigabit Ethernet Ready

Minimize untwisted cable length


360° contacts


10,000 psi pressure rating

Stay Connected

Locking ring mates & unmates

Our most popular

Product Kits

baramax underwater connector

Baromax Bulkhead 8-pin Kit (female)

baramax underwater connector

Baromax Inline Backshell 8-pin Kit (male)

construct the perfect connector

Build Your Underwater Connector

our story

The Suburban Marine Brand

Founded in California in 2018, Suburban Marine provides the solution for the ideal underwater connector in the marine industry. We discovered that ordering underwater connectors was costly and lead times painfully long. We decided the best way to fix this undesirable reality was to change the status quo give you the flexibility to create your own connectors.

With our collected experience and backgrounds the Baromax Connector was born. Our mission is to make our customer feel valued and confident they can complete projects on time with our streamlined operation.

Quality First

we know connectors

We are engineers looking for the same thing you are; quality, flexible, underwater connectors delivered quickly. We make our products with this in mind.


Your project is important

Our company is founded on customer care, not just tech. We aspire to help YOU create, build and explore.


We are experienced

With our extensive knowledge and understanding we are confident in our product and technology to provide you the flexibility and durability you desire.

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