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Suburban Marine launches The Baromax Underwater Connector – The solution to a crippling industry bottleneck


Suburban Marine, an underwater connector company, is set to revolutionize the marine industrial space by disrupting existing solutions that are not optimized for 21st-century customers. With the launch of their first subsea connector, they allow for flexible integration and deliver rapid lead times for their marine customers.

In the last two years, increasing demand and flawed business models have resulted in a production bottleneck of rubber molded underwater connectors. This congestion has negatively impacted marine industry markets, increasing lead times up to 40 weeks. Suburban Marine has gained the edge with the launch of The Baromax Connector, providing a quality underwater connector and streamlined customer experience by dramatically reducing lead times. 

Suburban Marine’s new business model reduces the long industry lead times, while still providing industry-standard micro circular sized subsea connectors. It is important to note, the company has not sacrificed quality for speed, and Suburban Marine maintains first-rate quality with all their products.

Previous generations of connectors are assembled by over-molding a long cable section together with the connector face, creating a backlog in the manufacturing process and a product with a limited application space. 

“Our new technology molds the pins and connector face, leaving the customer the ability to integrate the back shell and cable to their unique requirements. Because every connector face is the same, they can be mass-produced and held in inventory, allowing for rapid delivery. Additionally, recent advancements in glue technology allow customers to assemble on-site, reducing lead times to hours, not weeks,” explains Matt Moldovan, co-founder of Suburban Marine.

With a 10,000 psi pressure rating and 500V pin-pin resistance over 100 megaohms, the 8-pin connector holds up to harsh environmental requirements demanded by the marine industry customers. Depending on the application, the customer can also choose from a variety of cable and backshell combinations.

The Baromax Underwater Connector’s many features are desirable to numerous industries worldwide, including equipment manufacturers (OEMs), instrumentation companies, academics, mineral exploration, military branches, subsea exploration, and aquaculture.

The future looks bright as Suburban Marine’s industry knowledge and customer-centric service model promises to deliver convenient access to subsea connectors.

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